Why Attend ESXLab VMware Training?

We are often asked by customers or prospects why they should attend our VMware training rather than training from other providers. Here is what ESXLab has to offer:

  • Practical, High Quality Training. Our courses are developed by experts. You get exactly what you need to make best use of VMware software
  • Similar Content. Our classes are similar in scope, detail and depth to authorized training
  • Lower Prices. Authorized VMware training can cost $800-$1,000/day of training or more. ESXLab offers you comparable training for 25-30% less than authorized (or more)
  • Objective Content. We aren't trying to up-sell licenses, promote complimentary products or sell services. We tell you exactly what works, how to best use what you've got, what to avoid and what else is available to solve your problems (aftermarket solutions)
  • Experienced Instructors. Every ESXLab instructor has years of IT infrastructure experience along with years of classroom experience. Our trainers are all professionals, but they are not just professional trainers
  • Learn By Doing. Students in every ESXLab class do 100% of the labs themselves. There is no 'magic' work done in advance. This means that if they can do it in our lab environment, they can do it in your work environment

Training / Line Managers

The other advantage of ESXLab VMware training is that our courses do not meet VMware's academic requirements for VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification. What are VMware's requirements for VCP certification? They are:

  1. Attend an authorized VMware class (no self-study, on-the-job training or 3rd party training is accepted by VMware)
  2. Gain knowledge and experience installing, administering, using VMware products
  3. Register for and pass the VCP exam

Why is it advantageous to you to not get your team certified by VMware? Here's why:

  1. VMware certified employees present a significant compensation risk as they shop their credentials on the job market. This may result in your having to significantly increase their overall compensation package to keep them from leaving, and...
  2. VMware certified employees present a significant retention risk. Even if you provide competitive compensation, employees may shop their certificate just to see what else is out there. If they leave, you have to hire/promote their replacement, get them trained and then face the same risks again!

ESXLab provides training that delivers similar knowledge, experience and scope of training without the compensation or retention risks associated with official VMware training.

Don't Care About Certification?

Many organizations simply don't care about vendor certification... they just want their employes trained quickly and efficiently on latest technology.

Typical ESXLab customers include:

  • Goverments of all levels
  • Military customers who need staff trained quickly and efficiently
  • Not For Profit organizations
  • Senior / long serving employees of private sector industries
  • Organizations who have imposed no-travel policies
  • Cost sensitive organizations who need the best available training at the lowest possible price

Should I Go To VMware?

In some cases the answer is yes! If any of the following applies to you, then you should consider authorized VMware training:

  • I need official VMware certification. If you are an independent consultant, an employee looking to change jobs or work for a vendor, you should strongly consider VMware certified training
  • I'm not committed to my employer. Having vendor certifications will make you more attractive to potential employers
  • I'm relatively new to IT. By getting VMware certified, you open doors to senior level jobs that might otherwise remain closed

ESXLab's experience is that the above makes up a very small percent of those who need VMware training. If any of the above fits you (and you can get someone to pay for authorized VMware training) you should strongly consider taking VMware's class.


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