Running VMware vSphere and View Training at your Training Center or Company

ESXLab is a major provider of aftermarket VMware training... Our solutions are specifically focused toward the needs of independent Training Centers and larger Corporate customers. We offer complete, turnkey VMware training solutions that help you ramp up your customers or staff quickly and very cost effectively.


We price our products individually rather than offering flat, all-in pricing. This allows us to be highly competitive in meeting your courseware, lab and instructor needs. Please contact us for pricing on:

  • Printed course book sets. We can include a single use locked PDF version of the book at no extra charge
  • Server rentals for the week your class is running
  • Discounts if you purchase both the Course Books and rent a lab server at the same time

Alternatively, we can offer flat, all-in pricing if you prefer. Since our price would depend on many factors including number of attendees, location of your office/facility, etc. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.

We can also provide you with contract instructor referrals (note: we don't broker instructors) for highly qualified instructors to lead your class. Or, if you prefer, we will help you ramp up a local instructor resource (employee or local contract trainer).

Instructor Development

We encourage you to develop local instructor resoruces. Most of our customers use in-house staff trainers or local contract trainers to help improve instructor utilizaiton rates and to minimize travel costs.

We offer new instructors free access to a server pod so they can run through our aftermarket VMware vSphere 5 class and labs in preparation for their first teach. That is the best way for instructors to prepare and to confirm that they are technically strong enough to lead our events. Here is what we offer our training center partners:

  • Free access to a server pod for instructor practice (run through the labs)
  • Free instructor course material (in PDF format). If you want the printed version, the cost would be $125USD for the instructor book set + shipping
  • Free support during your practice period

When an instructor is ready, we typically make two practice servers (per person) available.

How We Do Business

We strive to be extremely fair in our business practices. Our customers often comment that, unlike some of their other suppliers, we are very easy to do business with.

Attendee No-shows

We never charge you for customers who do not show for their class. This includes both books and server rental costs. So, if you have a class with 10 registrants but only 8 attendees show up, we bill you for only 8 attendees.

Full Support

We provide you with 3-tiers of support... Online FAQ support, e-mail support and live technical support. So you get the support you need when you need it.

No Cancellation Fees

Sometimes class cancellations happen. If it happens to you, even at the last minute, we do not charge you for your server pod rental.

Free Instructor Server Rentals

Whenever possible, we provide your instructors with at least one free server rental for every class. This allows your instructor to practice ahead of your class, provide demos to students during class and (if students encounter difficulties), to hand off the instructor machine to an attendee, thereby minimizing the impact of a server issue to a paying customer.

No Contracts

We don't force you to sign exclusive contracts. We can proivde you with simple, balanced contracts to cover courseware, remote labs and instructor services if you require them (please contact us for details)

No Minimums

Run classes as small or as large as you like based on your sales and preferences. We do not impose class minimum sizes. And, with over 130 physical servers available for rent, you can run larger classes (of up to 24 attendees/class) on the week of your choice (always best to book your class in advance)

No Quotas

Run classes as often or as infrequently as you like. We do not impose quotas on sales of either books or server pod rentals on our partners.

Free Certification Exams

We offer our partners access to a free certification exam at the end of class. Our ESXLab Certified Virtualization Specialist (ECVS) web based exam will thoroughly test attendees for knowledge and skill in vSphere virtualization. This exam is free to all attendees of our classes and includes one free retake per attendee.

Datacenter Hosting

Our servers are located in a Class-A datacenter in the suburbs of Toronto Canada. Our datacenter partner offers us 3-way redundant GB networking, 4-way redundant cooling, backup power from a 500kVA diesel generator, biometric security and much more. Access is always fast and responsive. We've run classes in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia all with excellent responsiveness.

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